Commission: Desant's Question

I had a last minute, very special commission come across my plate the other day. A good friend of mine came to me needing aid in proposing to my best friend of ten years. The story goes they both met on the online role playing game Final Fantasy XI six years ago, four years later their characters were wed in game, because you can actually do that in the game. So the lucky chap asked me to reproduce his character and the moment he got on bended knee for his lady as a surprise to my best pal. I laughed hysterically because last quarter my Professor and all around great guy Nolan Woodard did a proposal piece for his 'lady' last Spring Quarter.

Well... safe to say the proposal went off without a hitch and while my best friend tried to psych me out by telling me she said NO which I almost had a HEART ATTACK she just laughed and said 'ARE YOU CRAZY? OF COURSE I SAID YES. :D'

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