Salvation At Last!

The first print run of the Salvation Zine is hot off the press and assembled. :D Fifty-six put together in two hours, out of a thousand or so. Man I have a long way to go till the full order is ready by August. D:

The specs of this project was definitely different for me. It had to be a ten page 'zine, palm sized, in Portuguese, be produced seriously cheap, and be completely disposable. Not only that it really challenged me to think of images of of faith for the interior that were universal and not be accidentally offensive to a foreign culture.

The cover is 4-color and then each page on the interior is toned the color of the bead of the witness bracelet it represents. It was thanks to taking Computer Coloring last quarter with Nolan I used my new skillset to make the coloring process go so much faster and know not to over render and use the color style appropriate to the lineart. :3 Also thanks to Shawn and Cara's advice here and there I've finally spent some time with inking with a brush. :3 While it isn't completely perfect yet it's TONS better than what I spit out last quarter. I've been experimenting with what a brush can and can't do an I learned in inking the interiors for Salvation that once you try applying the brush to something rather small it get's veeeeeeeery tricky and often times turns into a mess.

Man I've been so turned off to my Copic Multiliners now. Inking is so much faster with a brush it's amaaaaaazing. :O Sadly I might have to order some Holbien Special Black online somewhere because I'm running low and I'm trying to get by with Dr. Martin's Black Star which I found here in P'cola locally. Yeah... It's pretty black... but it's also pretty thin. If you have too much water in the brush it goes a grey purple reaaaaaaaaaallly quick. I should photograph my small ink collection I'm slowly amassing on my desk. It's crazy. You'd think an artist lives here. XD

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