10-9 - Your History - Sneak Peek!

Panels 5-7 of Page 1 of the new 6 Page Mini I'm working on. :3 I decided to try something a little new with my inking and add a little... okay a LOT of dry brushing to my repertoire in trying to find the look I like and my voice as an artist. I realize waaaaay back in Life Drawing good ol' Larry found I had an insane obsession for textures and pattern and he had commented it was something with enough development would make me stand out.

Of course in Sequential Art use too many patterns and textures and it's the Kiss of Death. All I knew really in me trying to go straight up graphic with my work I was getting quickly unsatisfied, and honestly I had that craving to be different which of course is my freaking MO.

These three panels are more of a test run than anything. I have to see if I like it by morning. I adore Maya's hair and just how it looks like hair and I think I'm good to go with doing it like that from now on. I maintain I draw John's hair differently every time. @_@ That buzzcut will end me. D: Also I need to work out if I'm ever going to do feathering on my figures. I'd like to try it eventually now that my hand is getting steadier with a brush and I'm getting bolder about things... I'm just afraid I won't like the look too much. :/ Never know till I try!

Enjoy. :3

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