10-9 - Your History - Page 1

So happy to be doing a new short for 10-9. If all goes well and I manage my time this will be a charming little six page jaunt of a psychological thriller. Of course 10-9's one of those books by default is a bit saltier just for the sheer force of nature that is John's biting sarcasm and creative use of expletives. It's a kind of book that pulls punches where it can from being to OVERTLY visually graphic with being a book set against the backdrop of war and all, but it was a long mental debate to keep the harsh language and the f-bombs and whatnot. The latter in the end was decided to be kept... mostly for John's sake since I had toned him down QUITE a bit already from the harsher slurs in his vocabulary and I wanted to make absolutely clear of what a completely abrasive jackass he is in MAJOR need of a punch to his pretty little face.... but still keep him insanely interesting.

Honestly.... out of all of the cast I love John the most. :3

Enjoy~ :3

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