Commissions: Vasz and Niamh

A couple of commissions to quite honestly put gas in my car. D: It allowed me to experiment more with the brush and know when to bust out the nib on top of what inks I like best. I really have to say despite being a notorious brush killer I can see the appeal of the Dr. Ph. Martins Black Star and the Bombay line. The cost effectiveness of Bombay is mooooostly what appeals and plus I like the finish when it dries and that it dries FAST.

Anyway. Ink geeking aside... Vasz (top) is a charming fellow from Ghosts by Rose Meloche that I just had lots of fun making him look like the laid back jerk he is with his sloppy salute. Niamh (lower) is an original gaming character created by a friend, because I'm one of the rare artists that like designing people's creations that live in their heads. We'll see how I feel about that AFTER I do the con circuit a few dozen times. XD

Enjoy. :3

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